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Tuesday, May 23, 2017



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Upgrade your Therm-O-Trac
Soldering Station


Retrofit program allows your TOT-1002 or your TOT-2300 to be converted to the latest digital circuit design without the cost of a new station.

Why upgrade?
Digital circuitry and new sensor provide temperature controlled accuracy.
Replacement parts available now.
Expanded temperature range below 500deg F.

What is included?

  • New Circuit Board – TT-PCA+
  • New Sensor – TT-11-2+
  • New Element – TT-12
  • New Switch – TT-POT+
  • New Nameplate and Sponge

Can I do the upgrade on my own?

No. We prefer to make sure this upgrade is done at Hexacon’s factory.

Your cost $196.75 for TOT-1002+

TOT-2300+ can be upgraded for $225.84.

TOT-1001 may need extra parts and labor so there maybe an upcharge depending upon what we find inside the station.

Upgrade is priced at 40% of the cost of a new station and just a few dollars over what it would cost to repair a station on site at Hexacon.

If you are ready to upgrade

End-users who choose not to upgrade and want to purchase a new station can do so through Hexacon's broad range of distributors. New stations are available now.



More Questions? Call (908) 245-6200

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