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Sunday, October 22, 2017



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Steady Output Irons


STEADY OUTPUT SOLDERING IRONS  maintain a constant power output independently of thermal load or tip temperature. Once plugged in to a power source the steady output iron heats the soldering tip to an idle temperature defined by the element wattage and the tip configuration. Idle temperature shown for any steady output iron is given at wattage shown, 110VAC and with the standard tip provided with the iron

During soldering the tip temperature drops to a working temperature dictated by the connection rate and the thermal load or task to be soldered. Use a temperature controller to have more precise control of a steady output iron.

Hexacon steady output irons are designed and engineered to be the most durable irons available for industrial and manufacturing applications. Replacement parts are available for all irons ¼” in tip diameter and larger keeping the life-cycle costs of Hexacon soldering tools the lowest in the world. With over 75 models and the widest range of wattages from 10-550 watts in plug tip style and 85-800 watts in screw tip style Hexacon provides great performance flexibility with the widest selection of soldering tips available anywhere. Use a prefix of SI to order a steady output soldering iron.

Branding Irons

BRANDING is possibly the most practical and economical way to mark, permanently, almost any material other than metal or glass. Fine furniture and other works of art are frequently branded to advertise a trademark, logo or manufacturer's name or to "sign" or individualize a craftsman's work. Branding is also used to identify tools or equipment for personal or security purposes.

Materials suitable for branding include cork, chamois, leather, plastics, paper, rubber, wood, particle board and wallboard, even meat and cheese! Hexacon Branding Irons have been used for branding barrels, batteries, boxes, brooms, bungs, cardboard cartons, crates, chairs, cork, electrotypes, ladders, lumber, milk crates, pallets, plastic parts, reels, rubber gloves, rugs, spools, utility poles, tires, tool handles, trucks, wooden furniture, novelties and a myriad of other objects.

Hexacon Branding Irons

  • The powerful and durable performance of a Hexacon Electric Branding Iron produces a permanent, indelible, imperishable brand, time after time after time. We engineer our products to live through the most arduous and demanding use so you can be confident of a lifetime's reliable service.
  • Hexacon Branding Irons are built around an ultra-strong, alloy-steel, hexagonal heater head that can be clamped in a vise or fixture for use or disassembly. We use only high-chrome content element wire plus the best grade high dielectric mica insulation available, worldwide.
  • Maximum die to heater contact and very efficient heat transfer is guaranteed by the tapered seat which is unique to Hexacon among branding equipment. The screw fitting of the die into the iron's heater head enables a positive, secure fit.
  • All Hexacon Branding Irons have a hardwood handle shaped for a cool comfortable grip. A simple but durable iron stand comes with each iron.
  • Safety is assured by fitting a flexible, burn-, water-, and oil-resistant, neoprene 3-wire grounded power cord to every iron in our range. Our Branding Irons, 250 watts power and above feature heat deflector discs for added comfort.
  • With an occasional repair, performed by yourself or at one of our repair centers, the Hexacon Branding Iron you buy today can be the one you are using for the next 2 decades or more. All parts are independently replaceable.


Soldering Stations


Soldering Stations combine the soldering hand tool and tip with a tip cleaning sponge and iron holder into one compact package. Not least is a method of heat regulation to change tip temperature.

Varying the tip temperature enables pinpoint matching of equipment to application. By controlling or limiting tip temperature the soldering station can also facilitate soldering without damage to heat sensitive assemblies.

Hexacon manufactures soldering stations in three family groups totaling 18 separate models:

  • Micro-Stedi stations ­powered for small connections with either continuously variable or click-selectable temperatures.
  • HTC Series stations for applications requiring more power and greater control capability. The HTC Series comprises two power ranges and single or dual iron configurations; five models in all.
  • Therm-O-Trac Series stations for performance-critical temperature controlled soldering ­ including military specification applications. Continuously variable or click-selectable temperatures - six models including the highest power soldering station commercially available.


Soldering Stations use electronic circuitry to provide precise temperature control of the soldering temperature. Temperature control technologies vary widely and increase in cost as the feedback loop for temperature becomes more sophisticated. What set’s Hexacon apart is that all stations have independently replaceable parts and can be repaired either at your facility or at ours if you should ever have a problem.

Controlled Temperature Irons

The Hexacon Phenix Variable Power,

Hexacon introduced the Phenix controlled temperature soldering iron to provide a low cost solution for those customers seeking the performance of a soldering station at the price of an iron. Phenix senses the soldering task and ramps power depending upon the thermal demands of the task. Phenix irons come in 600, 700 and 800 degrees and two different sizes Classic and Ultra. Try Phenix and watch it outperform soldering stations at less than their cost.

Soldering Accessories

Hexacon manufactures a broad range of useful and essential Soldering Accessories including:

  • Soldering iron tips for our own products and those of most other brands
  • Soldering iron holders
  • Tip cleaning sponges and trays
  • Hex-Wik desoldering braid, solder suckers
  • Lev-Chek wave soldering gauge
  • Voltage control units
  • SoldeRoll BGA and fine pitch solder roller system
  • Mini-Pots solder pots at 500º, 600º, 700º and 800º F
  • Heat sinks, tip scrubbers, soldering aids, braid and eraser cleaners
  • Soldering equipment analysers



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