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Sunday, October 22, 2017



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HEXACON ELECTRIC:  LEADING THE INDUSTRY SINCE 1932  Hexacon's products range from steady output irons, controlled temperature irons, complete soldering stations, branding irons, and soldering accessories:  everything you need from start to finish.  Whether you 're searching for an industrial solution or you're a hobbyist, Hexacon has quality products to meet your needs.

Search our catalog by category, product, or by application.  Downloadable pdfs with complete product specifications are included for each product.  If you have any remaining questions, please Contact Us.  Thank you for considering Hexacon!


Hexacon Catalog

Hexacon Products

Mini-Iron Family
"A" Series Mini-Irons
A Tip Selection Guide
Braid Cleaners
Branding Dies
Branding Iron Specifications
Branding Irons
Controlled Temp Iron - Phenix
CT Tips
Drill Press Brander
Eraser Cleaner
Fine Pitch Roller
HD Plug Tip
Heat Sinks
Hex Wik
HTC Station
Iron Holders
J Tips
Lev Chek
Micro Stedi Soldering
Mini Solder Pots
Misc Tips
Pinpoint Iron
Plug Tips
Screw Tip - HD
Screw Tips
Sleeve Tips

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