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Sunday, October 22, 2017



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Now Available!



Introducing the third member of the Therm-O-Trac product line, the Select-O-Trac Plus. This unit allows for 3 discreet calibratable points with a +-1% tolerance. The Select-O-Trac line is still the best temperature controlled station made. This includes the newest in Digital Technology, with the option to Retrofit old or Buy New with the Hexacon Standard of independently replaced parts.


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WS74-25     WS76-25     WS78-25     WS79-25


Hex-Wik Desoldering Braid

ESD safe spool

25 ft length


Available now.



NEW FOR 2015!

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Hexacon Industrial Soldering and Branding Irons are characterized for their rugged and powerful capacity to provide continuous duty and fast heat recovery for many different applications in the industry. Steady output irons generate a certain amount of heat based upon its wattage.
Temperature control regulates the incoming voltage to the soldering or branding tools, giving more temperature variability than when used as a steady output iron alone. Reliable temperatures produce consistent marks when used for branding.
TC-600 is an economical and powerful controller capable of working with irons up to 600 watts of power. TC-600 can also be used to lower the temperature of your tools in between tasks resulting in a longer life of your heating element and tool.
TC-600 Compatible Hexacon Irons
                                                                        SI-P35                                                 BI-225/225B
                                                                        SI-P115/155                                               BI-350
                                                                        SI-P151/152                                               BI-500


Hexacon® Electric Company has earned a world-wide reputation for excellence in hand soldering . Our continued commitment brought into existence many technological innovations to meet the soldering needs of professionals in the assembly industries and the home workshop. Today, metal machining and plating facilities, advanced engineering resources and the skilled craftsmanship of a motivated workforce, combine to ensure that in our seventh decade, Hexacon products continue to sustain the "best possible" performance, value and reliability on which our customers have come to depend.




As soldering equipment pioneers, we have helped set many of the standards by which soldering irons are now judged. As a company, we've exceeded those standards with product line breadth and low life-cycle cost. As an industry leader, we are still setting the standards with continued insight as evidenced by the Hexacon Phenix, the world's first controlled temperature soldering iron which adjusts its power to suit the thermal load it sees.

Consider if you will; it was Hexacon Electric that first developed long-life, iron-plated tip technology. It was Hexacon that introduced the first industrial pencil-style soldering iron and later, the temperature-controlled soldering station. Hexacon also perfected exclusive wave soldering quality control gauges and the first soldering analyzer for thermal profile engineering.



Hexacon is dedicated to customer satisfaction through communication, creativity and cooperation built upon employee involvement and strong end-user and distributor relationships. The supply of products with technical relevance and performance, backed by effective service and support, is paramount. We intend our products to have lasting value to their users and to become a preferred solution for their application needs. As always, we are proud of the fact that our products are assembled in the United States of America.



More Questions? Call (908) 245-6200

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