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Friday, July 21, 2017



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 Hexaon proudly showcases the following videos:

Hexacon Exposed

Manufacturing a Hexacon Tip

Replacing an Element

Tip and Iron Maintenance

Soldering a Copper Seam





Hexacon Exposed!

Take a brief look at what it takes to be a Hexacon Iron

  • Saftey Features
  • Heat Deflection
  • Recovery
  • Insulation
  • Interchangable Parts
  • Tolerance
  • Long Life Tips
  • Wattages
  • Tip Selection







Manufacturing a Hexaon Tip

A quick look at the 4 stages of manufacture.

  • Milling
  • Iron Plating
  • Nickel Chrome Plating
  • Tinning












Element Replacement

Step by Step instructions of how to change an element in a Hexacon Soldering Iron

  • Loosen set screw that holds the tip
  • Unscrew the front nut
  • Unscrew the handle and underlying power contact screws
  • Bend element leads outwardand depress terminal guard and remove from case
  • Remove old element
  • Line up pin inside of the case lines up with new element
  • Insert new element and align short and long element leads with iron cord
  • Insert terminal back into case and re-screw contact screws joining element wire with power cord
  • Rescrew the handle



"Tips" & Maintenance 

This is a highly informational and cost saving video full of "tips" and tricks of the trade that will keep any of your Hexacon Irons in phenominal shape!

Topics covered: 

  • Dewetting
  • Scale and Oxidation
  • Preventing stuck tips
  • Proper flux applications





Proper soldering technique on a copper seam

The techinques shown in this video include:

  • Mechanical Abrasion
  • Correct use of flux
  • Tinning
  • Aligning and Clamping
  • Soldering a Copper Seam

Most "tips" in this video can be learned to perfect many other soldering techniques.







Copyright 2010 Pinnacle Development Group